Cipd reflective statement

Recently, I had a golden opportunity to exercise my management skills when I worked in a supervisory role in one of the largest outsourcing companies in Poland.

On the strength of their Management Research Reports, our graduates have gained full-time posts from their placements in financial services, leisure and tourism and major international charities.

Induction and Retention; Chapter - Note some assignments will indicate how many texts you are expected to use. CIPD approved as follows: Target the right level of authority: When not reading or working, I love to spend most of my time with my two year-old daughter.

In the roles, I was given responsibility for recruiting and training new employees. Below are examples of reflective assignments you might be asked to do during your first year at Curtin. Reflect, connect and enjoy your journey towards chartered status.

By having the options available, participants can choose what works best for them so there are no barriers to learning. I would like to develop these skills further by learning more of the theory behind organisational psychology in the HR Strategies module of the degree so that I may draw on the wealth of research to better understand and motivate employees under my supervision.

Things that did not work. More than one person from an organization should participate so the ideas can be transferred to the whole organization. Counselling - Reflective Essay This assignment asks you to write an essay based on taking two online self-assessment tests.

Interviews are generally required for non-standard entry, and your IELTS results must be a minimum of 6. You are also required to complete reflective statements on a minimum of two core and two technical competencies detailed in the image above during each CPD year.

A wide range of delivery and assessment is incorporated to encourage this and particularly within a framework of digital literacy. Part time - attending one or two taught sessions per week of between three to four hours.

Human Resource Management Personal Statement

Siragusa Examples of Reflective Assignments Always know what is being asked of you. Resourcing and Talent Management Learning and Talent Development Managing Employment Relations in Contemporary Organisations Employment Law and Practice Consultancy, Change and Professional Development Reflective Practitioner - Apply specific techniques and skills to analyse organisational and employment situations, in the planning of solutions to issues and in the presentation of proposals to key decision-makers: Diversity and Equality; Chapter - From taking numerous courses organised by HR departments in my career, I was greatly impressed by the work of HR managers and decided that, given my interests and skills, I would like a senior role within HR management.

How do you design a training so people learn something and are inspired to use it. Stay true to your preferred learning style, manage your time and links will soon form, to close the gap between theory and performance.

Their reflection can go deeper if this is followed by a share a pair and a formal closing to the workshop where participants declare their intentions about one small step to implement next week.

Thanks to my hard work, I gained more senior roles with more management responsibilities, first as a store supervisor for a major retailer in Ireland and then as a bar supervisor in a busy London pub.

Provide an opportunity for applicants to gain appropriate professional qualifications within the field of human resource management. Perhaps you have prepared training for colleagues, attended seminars or networking.

One method is to incorporate short interactive content delivery, followed by an exercise where participants work on applying the frameworks with coaching from the instructor.

I had planned to review after question 5 but after question 4 in the actual interview I decided to take a review at this point instead as at this point we had discussed various topics.


When not reading or working, I love to spend most of my time with my two year-old daughter. From taking numerous courses organised by HR departments in my career, I was greatly impressed by the work of HR managers and decided that, given my interests and skills, I would like a senior role within HR management.

Modules required for interim awards Contextualising management, Leading, managing and developing people, Research methods in HRM and Management research report are core to gaining the PG Diploma in HRM and must be combined with two 20 credit options from Section 27 to gain the required credits.

In this reflective comment you should also include evidence of reflecting on your own learning and make appropriate links between theory and practice.

My CPD Map

Please include references to the literature on the importance of the content of the chapter to the day-to-day work of a Human Resource Manager. Reflective statements are sometime a challenge for those especially who have not used reflective practice previously.

ii Abstract The Effect of Health and Well-Being Initiatives on Employee Engagement: A Study of Employees in the Irish Private Sector By Sinéad Dowling.

CPD REFLECTIVE PRACTICE STATEMENTS GUIDELINES AND EXAMPLES You are required to complete a separate reflective statement for each. Within this, you are required to include at least six hours of skills workshop(s) per year and complete reflective See examples below of 12 months of Reflective Statements; this is the standard of.

a reflective portfolio (see attached Contents List for Portfolios), including copy of job application, from a range of fictional posts, complete with supporting statement a presentation, giving a reflective account of the student’s experience on work placement.

Wondering what is reflective writing? Reflective writing is used to analyze and examine an event, memory, or observation. The writer reflects on the meaning and impact of the occasion. Defining Reflective Writing. Most writing is creative writing, where you describe something that happened or you make up a story.

Cipd reflective statement
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