Megacities essay essay

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Both in rich and poor countries, however, megacities usually have higher average incomes and productivity levels than smaller cities and rural areas, and they are tremendously important foci of business activity.

There is far more entertainment in the city than in the country. Moreover, for the entrepreneur or businessperson, they can invest and find customers in the area and have no need to use multiple locations to find it. Metropolitan areas, also known as urban agglomerations, are notoriously difficult to define because administrative definitions vary from country to country and because the cities integrate in many different ways with their surrounding regions.

Additional controls on widely used two-stroke engines, such as timed fuel injection and catalytic exhaust aftertreatment, can significantly reduce emissions from these vehicles. There are many places in the mega-cities where you can get a bite or a drink: University of Hawaii Press.

The megacities can provide anything we want but it depend on us how to control it.

Megacities Essay

Besides that, the modern technology makes the lifestyle of the people more comfortable and safer. The biggest companies are no longer national firms but multinational corporations with subsidiaries in many countries.

Environmentally, concentrating the population in urban areas is preferable. Inonly one metropolitan area in the world, New York, had more than 10 million inhabitants. Living in the countryside is cheaper and safer than in a city.

Though individual governments are the major facilitators of development and caretakers of these megacities, the effectiveness of their responses depend strongly upon their ability to communicate with and establish an organised plan with the local communities they aim to help.

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Polluted air is hanging like a brown cloud over cities.

Pros&Cons of Living in Megacities

In their most extreme form, air pollution episodes are accompanied by physical discomfort, disruption of day-to-day living, widespread public fear, illness and even death. This example Megacities Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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Already there are so many people on the planet that if every household in the world had a tract house and a small plot of earth, there would be no land left for farming — let alone for parks.

Cars give a collection of pollutants. Commuters and suburbanites may seek to enjoy rural landscapes and simulate rural lifestyles yet gain their livelihoods in the metropolitan economy. The term has been in common use since the s to characterize metropolitan areas with very large total populations.

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Megacities problems essays

The new emergence of megacities is an unavoidable trend for many decades to come. Bythere will be a total of 22 megacities in the world (United Nation,). To conclude, megacities do not have potential to contribute to sustainability.

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Mega cities usually have a population size of more than 10 million which is equivalent to a population density of at least 2, persons per square kilometer.

A mega city can also be two metropolitan area linked together. As ofthere are 21 megacities which includes Tokyo, New York City, Mexico City and many more. Megacities Essay Megacities are giant cities. The term has been in common use since the s to characterize metropolitan areas with very large total populations.

Urbanization Megacities General The big picture of the ideal city and urban life is described as busy, amazing and beautiful. Aside from traffic. Check out this Social and Environmental Problems of Megacities essay paper from per page or use for FREE.

Megacities have higher crime rates compared to other cities. Rio de Janeiro, for example, is known to have the highest crime rate in Brazil.

Megacities problems essay Megacities essay essay
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