Psychological aspects of diabetes essay

However, for the women attractiveness of their opposite-sex friends is much important than for men. It is emerging in the literature on healthy aging. Along with all this, you should expect various aches and pains and a decline of essential internal organs.

Each response to change or loss related to diabetes must fight to minimize denial and feelings of powerlessness and pessimism through relationships that combine empathy, clear expectations, and the belief that people can evolve. Including an individualized spiritual perspective, be it accenting gratitude over loss, working "one day at a time," or highlighting the pursuit and enjoyment rather than entitlement of good health, may keep patients focused on efforts rather than feared outcomes.

I can look clearly at what happened and still know we are on the best course [positive reframing]. On the other side of the problem, among the issues that may increase risk of hypoglycemia at any age are anxiety over hyperglycemia that leads to overuse of insulin; hypoglycemia unawareness or inattentiveness; excessive use of alcohol; inadequate testing due to the high cost of strips patients may be ashamed to mention this problem ; cognitive or emotional difficulty with the regimen and process of decision-making; interfering mood states, such as depression or anxiety; unreported weight-loss that may require adjustment of insulin dosage; and family or social concerns competing for attention or financial or emotional resources.

Psychological Aspects of Diabetes Essay Sample

Diabetes burnout result to feeling of loneliness, angers and frustration, feeling that life is controlled by diabetes, and many others. For some individuals, it may be a relief that the symptoms do not amount to another serious illness.

Improving knowledge does not automatically increase self-care behavior. The second type of diabetes is Type II diabetes or late onset diabetes mellitus Hanas, Need custom written paper.

Ann Int Med Altering this attitude was just as important as correcting his faulty knowledge of what to expect in the course of treatment.

Among these may be inability to reach out for medical help or follow-through with treatments. This may be more complicated for individuals diagnosed with Type I diabetes since they have to rely on insulin injection.

Practical Psychology for Diabetes Clinicians.

The Psychological and Social Impact of Type 2 Diabetes

Treatment of major depression in adults with diabetes: Adherence among children and adolescents with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus over a four-year longitudinal follow-up: Good glucose control using insulin is possible for many such people. The long-term relationship of patients with their diabetes and with their providers requires patience and compromise through the life span.

Diabetes Self-Management Nov-Decp. Research has found out that group networking that facilitates sharing between diabetes patients is important in reducing the psychological aspects of the condition.

From Research to Practice: We know that in time -cell function declines and cannot keep pace with the body's need for insulin. He answered that if he did not see the team he could "get away with it," taking his chances that nothing would happen.

Most of them are uncontrolled and involve small samples. Our task is to help patients see this process of management in the most positive light and realize the evolutionary capacity of patients, which is possible at any age or stage.

The Psychosocial Impact of Diabetes in Adolescents: A Review

When asked about this incongruity, he remembered that his doctor, perhaps to help him cope with this diagnosis, told him that because onset of the illness was late in life he would "probably die from something else. It is important for healthcare workers to understand the symptoms associated with psychological effects of diabetes to assist diabetes patients in the management Hanas, It is merely a predictable need for further and different ways to combat the decline of -cell function to achieve the same outcome.

Selecting A Mental Health Provider As previously discussed, a number of individuals may fill the role of psychologist on the diabetes treatment team. A strategy for chronic disease.

Moreover, an isolated concept of quality of life has been interpreted with factors such as the effects on education and on some daily chores of life like driving not taken into consideration. Berkley Wellness Letter Marchp.

American Diabetes Association Essay Sample

Apart from affecting the physical fitness of the individual, diabetes mellitus also affects the psychological aspects especially for individuals whose lifestyles are negatively affected.

Many self-help books, media presentations, online activities, organized community activities, and support groups are available. Call for Papers Special Issue: Psychological aspects of diabetes: 21st century challenges and solutions The Journal of Health Psychology is planning a Special Issue on psychological aspects of diabetes, guest edited by Professor Jane Speight (The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes).

Type 2 diabetes typically emerges in middle adulthood, a period of life where lifestyle patterns and behaviors have become firmly established and may require greater effort to change.

Also, during the precomplications phase of type 2 diabetes, and even in the early phase of complications, the patient is often asymptomatic. Nursing care for ill patient as a holistic and encompasses all aspects of physical, psychological and social needs.

Therefore, patients and their families are the center on nursing care by more respect, dignity. Like all chronic and progressive problems, including normal aging, diabetes has social, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects that demand attention.

Patients with type 2 diabetes and their health care providers must find their common ground to meet these challenges. Therefore, the main aim of this essay is to analyse the importance of the psychological contract in many aspects and support more evidences and experiences to support employers’ view in managing people.

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Psychological aspects of diabetes essay
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Diabetes Through the Life Span: Psychological Ramifications for Patients and Professionals