Reflection on edsa revolution

#EDSA27: A student's reflection

Their dream to be free was now reality. Urban and rural respondents agreed in nearly the same proportions, namely, 78 percent and 76 percent. But for the periodic elections when politicians are suddenly and suspiciously solicitous and generous, who really cares.

What is your reaction about edsa revolution?

Because wonders can never be unraveled. Problems playing this file. Other military units would take over key strategic facilities, such as the airportmilitary bases, the GHQAFP in Camp Aguinaldoand major highway junctions to restrict counteroffensive by Marcos-loyal troops.

He is also a youth leader and the Ilocos chairperson of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines. His contributions, including the ones to the election, need to be reexamined. CBS anchorman Bob Simon reported: In the years that followed Martial Law started the suppressive and abusive years—incidents of assassination were rampant, particularly those who opposed the government, individuals and companies alike were subdued.

Marcos, Marcos, still Marcos. In desperation over their loss of power, Estrada and his allies were fomenting a class war that pitted "the poor against the rich.

What did the people get in return for their gallantry and sacrifice, using their bodies as shields to stop the onslaught of tanks to Camps Aguinaldo and Crame. Maybe, they should be spaced around the article. The wonder is a constant, undiminished even by the shattered dreams of the Filipinos.

Because wonders can never be unraveled. However, this section has to be carefully backed up by references from credible international historians, academicians, political scientists and other sources who are non-Filipinos.

Most of whom were communist[ edit ] Ca someone give me a source to this. Maybe, they should be spaced around the article. It was the most corrupt and deceitful election held in the Philippine history. Aquino was proclaimed as the 11th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Reaction Paper Of Edsa Revolution. EDSA People Power Revolution made a very significant mark in the Philippine history. It was a four-day series of a peaceful rally against the Presidency of Ferdinand Marcos. This rally brought down Marcos from Malacanang and was then by replaced by Corazon Aquino.

A. HISTORICAL BACKGORUND ‘’The People Power Revolution or also known as the EDSA Revolution and the Philippine Revolution ofwas a series of popular demonstrations in the Philippines that began in and culminated in Next, the respondents were asked their opinion regarding the Edsa Revolution, the Edsa rally in Januaryand the Edsa rally and march to Malacañang on May 1, Mar 01,  · What is your reaction about edsa revolution?

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People Power Revolution

we just need to create a more sensible and effective call for change. no. not just change but transformation. I'm Status: Resolved. Feb 26,  · This is the People Power Revolution of The bloodless revolution that returned democracy to the country. Last week, we celebrated the 31st anniversary of.

Whose EDSA? A reflection on the (failed) promises of ‘People Power’

* EDSA stands for Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue, site of People Power Revolution against the regime of President Ferdinand E. Marcos in PEOPLE'S PERCEPTION OF PEOPLE POWER By Jose V reflection which a continuing sense of national purpose and civic responsibility demands.

Reflection on edsa revolution
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Whose EDSA? A reflection on the (failed) promises of ‘People Power’